Only after removing the dirt from them he saw who he had saved

If a person has a heart and compassion, he will always come to the aid not only of his “brothers”, but also of an animal in trouble. Fortunately, kind people are found in all countries. Therefore, from time to time, wonderful stories appear on social networks confirming that humanity has not yet completely hardened in its “dominion” over nature.

Another morning, a resident of Thailand Surashet Klayevkala went to work. His path ran past a nearby unfolding construction site. It rained heavily at night, and it was quite dirty. Passing close to the construction site, he suddenly heard a loud desperate squeak.

It was clearly made by several animals and, judging by the strength of the sound, it was already clearly at the limit of its strength, trying to attract someone to help. Running closer, Surashet found a small technical well filled with sticky thick mud after a heavy night rain.

Five living little lumps of incomprehensible creatures were trying to move in it. At first glance, they looked like little mongooses, but there was no time to figure it out. In order not to “kill” clothes and shoes, the young man quickly undressed and jumped into the well. He started pulling the creatures out of the mud, then gathered them in an armful and pulled them out of the well.

The animals were clearly woolly, but the dirt on them dried up so much in huge “cakes” that the guy decided to take it off first, then sort out the origin. One thing was clear–these were cubs. Realizing this, the young man once again went down into the well, trying to feel the bottom with his feet and see if their mother had drowned in the mud.

Not finding a larger body with his feet, he grabbed the kids and ran towards the house. Surashet was afraid that the dirt would dry up on the animals so much that they would not be able to breathe. They needed to be washed urgently! The guy’s family lived in a private house, so he easily placed the kids in the yard and began to slowly hose them down.

Gradually, the caked dirt was washed away, and normal mobility was acquired by … puppies! Even their color became visible – of the five rescued there were three “blackies” and two “redheads”. In order for the kids not to spread out to no one knows where, the family temporarily attached them to the courtyard in a lattice aviary.

The puppies were dried and fed. Where did they come from in the well? It’s hard to guess. They looked like they were 2-3 weeks old. Perhaps the dog hid in the well to give birth. Everything went well, and she was feeding the puppies. But when she went out to eat, the well was filled with mud. Where is she? Maybe she died somewhere along the way.

It is unlikely that, seeing the plight of the cubs, the dog could just leave them. Another option, which I wanted to think about less, but could not be ruled out: the puppies were taken away from the dog by the owners, collected in a bunch, brought and thrown into a well with mud, hoping that it was deep and they would quickly drown.

At the thought of the possible action of people, Surashet’s hair stood on end. He looked at the dried-up, well-fed puppies, they looked at him with absolutely defenseless, devoted eyes. The guy took several photos of the rescued babies and shared his joy on social networks. In the end, he attributed that his family fell in love with fluffy puppies together with him and decided to keep them all for themselves.

They decided that so many lives saved were a reward from above! People were delighted with his act and wrote a lot of kind words to the guy. It is worthy when a young man begins his life with good deeds that require strength of character and generosity. Such a man in the future will never leave in trouble and pull out of any problems!

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