The kitten and puppy never tasted grandmother’s homemade pies and buns – the parents left them on the bench

Heels were nice people, and for neighbors – an example of a friendly and strong family. They always smiled heartily and had a kind conversation with grandmothers in the yard. And we rushed to everyone’s aid. It seemed that love and kindness itself lived in their hearts. And they also got defenseless little animals for their kind children.

They gave the animals sonorous names, which with their cuteness touched others. The kitten was named Claw and the puppy was named Chubby. This family could be called exemplary.

Neighbors downstairs often heard children’s laughter, the barking of the puppy Chubby and the noisy stomping of the small paws of the fast Claw. There, above, above the ceiling, was just an idyll without screams and scandals, which could be envied.

But the idyll ended when the children were taken to their grandmother. Claw and Puffball were put in a child seat next to the children in a comfortable car.

The kitten and puppy never tasted grandma’s homemade pies and buns. Sweet parents left them on the bench.

When the car pulled away, the children were looking at their pets out the rearview window. They smiled sweetly and with the kindest thoughts they thought it was just another game.

My mother, watching this picture, would never have thought that these nice people are capable of such an act, and even allowed their children to see it all with their own eyes.

Then the children saw the aunt who got out of the car and took Claw and Puffball in her arms. The children cutely showed her tongues and horns. This short meeting remained in their memory forever.

The family made it safely to my grandmother. They kindly greeted all the neighbors, and they once again noted what a sweet family this is and what wonderful children they have.

And these same children very quickly forgot that they once had a puppy and a kitten. After all, children’s attention so easily switches to something else and at such a tender age it is so easy to forget and not realize the real essence of the things happening in life.

And when they grow up, they will vaguely remember the funny Chubby, licking the carpet, and the little Claw, playing with his shadow.

They will blame their parents for raising them indifferent and callous, but sometimes they themselves will also act ignoblely, passing on their life experience to their beloved children.

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